The original, monofilament,
elastomeric yarn.

These highly proprietary yarns have been primarily designed for the extensive range of elastomeric based fabrics that we make. These yarns are used in the warp direction of our QS2 mesh type woven textiles and provide long term durability, engineered comfort and ergonomic support.



With the ability to weave a wide range of multifilament yarns, these yarns are used in the weft direction in our QS2 suspension fabrics (the opposite direction of our 5280 warp yarns). While the 5280 monofilament yarns provide the power to our woven fabrics, our multifilament yarns, enhance the fabrics with color, design and comfort.

Our proprietary 5280 elastomeric monofilament yarn technology is used in the warp direction across all of our QS2 suspension fabrics. Combine 5280 with our specialty weft yarn options to create unique and custom woven suspension solutions.

  • How does Quantum’s elastomeric suspension fabrics compare to other suspension and mesh fabrics?
    Quantum is the world’s leading manufacturer of elastomeric woven, mesh seating fabrics. Our proprietary 5280™ monofilament elastomeric yarn is what truly sets our fabrics apart, providing unparalleled comfort, conformability and durability. Combine our specialty weft yarns with our 5280™ warp yarns to create custom, high-performance fabrics. With in-house yarn extrusion, we have the unique ability to manufacture the majority of the yarns used in our suspension fabrics, providing us with exceptional quality control, customization and quick-turn development and production cycles.
  • What are these mesh-like suspension fabrics called?
    Over the years, these fabrics have been called many different terms, mainly due to the wide range of looks we can achieve with our diversified weaving equipment. The technical term is elastomeric woven suspension fabric, but other terms include woven mesh or woven leno fabrics, suspension textiles and some find us by searching for the Pellicle fabric. At Quantum, we simplify how we describe our fabrics and focus on offering textile based solutions with our QS2 suspension fabrics.
  • What performance properties do these suspension fabrics have?
    Our elastomeric suspension mesh fabrics are best known for providing ergonomically correct comfort and durability in a wide range of seating applications. Our fabrics can be engineered to meet various performance needs based on end use requirements.
  • How and where are QS2 Suspension Solutions used?
    Today, our fabrics are used in millions of seating products as well as many different applications where performance and durability are needed. We have a mission to continue to pursue the undiscovered and are always exploring new ways our fabrics can be used.
  • Do you make custom fabrics?
    At Quantum, the majority of the fabrics we make have been specifically developed for a customer and their end use requirements. Our fabrics can be developed for indoor and/or outdoor applications. We have great flexibility in weaving a wide range of fabric styles due to the different looms and technology we have in house. We have stocked colors and can extrude custom colors with a color matching fee.
  • Where are your yarns and fabrics made?
    All of the yarns and fabrics we make are made in our NC based manufacturing facility. We proudly support domestic manufacturing and ship products throughout the US and all over the world.
  • Can I request fabric samples?
    We are happy to provide fabric samples, please email for more information.

An open weave suspension solution created for A-surface applications. Designed for comfort and conformability, engineered to last.

A resimercial solution by Quantum. Inspired by the home, designed for commercial use.