Manufaturing Expertise

What We Do



Founded in 1985, Quantum was started with a mission to do what others could not or would not do. Today, we hold that same missions to solve design & manufacturing challenges, create new ways of making products & changing the market with disruptive innovations.
While you may not have heard of us, you have probably encountered a Quantum innovation.

elastomeric suspension office chairs
indoor & outdoor suspension mesh seating
high performance fabrics for transportation & theme park seating (and other applications)
woven tire cord
industrial & tubular belts
window & privacy screens
filtration fabrics




Domestic Manufacturing Operations

North Carolina Based Manufacturing with a Global Reach

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Operations:
•mono-filament & multi-filament extrusion•
air-jet texturing • twisting • weaving
located outside of
Greensboro, North Carolina

The Quantum Difference

We Do What No One Else Can or Won’t Do​

 Extensive in-house research & development expertise related to
polymer science, yarn extrusion,
texturing & weaving
• International & direct access to global technologies & suppliers
• Constant polymer & technology exploration
•​ Ability to process a wide range of polymers
• Controlled supply chain for enhanced quality control
• Quick turn development & production cycles
• Customer specific yarns & fabrics
• Flexible minimums
• Standard & custom colors
• Customer dedicated looms/equipment (pending project/availability)
• State of the art manufacturing powered by a skilled workforce

High-Performance Woven Textiles

• Weaving Capabilities:
jacquard • dobby • leno • double layered jacquard • tubular & belt fabrics • jacquard leno • custom designs & logos •
• bonded & unbonded fabrics
• In-line slitting•


Ability to weave a wide range of yarns:
5280™, our proprietary elastomeric mono-filament yarn,
monofilment & multifilament yarns, single & bi-component yarns, specialty performance yarns, flat tapes & films, fiberglass, fluoropolymers, fine denier PVDF, tire cord & electrically conductive yarns


Contact us to learn more about our new woven fabrics:   
QS2™ Suspension Solutions
QS2™ Bridge– a resimercial solution by Quantum. Inspired by the home. Designed for Commercial Use.
QS2™ Align– an open weave suspension solution created for A-surface applications. Designed for comfort & conformability, engineered to last.

Polymer Extrusion

Global Expertise in Polymer Science & Chemistry

Extrusion Capabilities
Monofilament & Multifilament yarnz


Polymer Processing Capabilities
​polyesters • nylons • elastomeric • polyolefins • fluoropolymers • ultra-high temperature polymers • recycled & bio-based thermoplastic polymers • single, bi & tri-component capabilities • traditional, specialty & custom cross-sections


Performance Enhancing Additives & Elements
heat & uv stabilizers • flame retardant • standard & custom solution dye colors • optical brighteners • electrically conductive • ir reflective • custom performance enhancing elements, additives & finishes


Responsible Manufacturing

As an ANAB accredited company, we operate according to a strict set of International Standards.  These certifications showcase our commitment in maintaining a safe, fair and healthy work environment with a focus on continual improvement as we introduce new processes in our operations.