Global Leaders in Woven Elastomeric Mesh Fabrics, High-Performance

Yarns & Woven Technical Textiles

Since 1985, Quantum has established itself as the global leader in the manufacturing of high-performance elastomeric based suspension fabrics, which started with the introduction of the most iconic office chair in history. Today, we are a vertically integrated operation, which provides us with the foundation to manufacture an extensive range of products across a wide range of industries, while always maintaining precise quality control. We specialize in research and development and the manufacturing of high-performance yarns, woven mesh fabrics and other industrial and technical textile products. For over 30 years, we continue to be a resource for companies due to our proven ability to overcome technical challenges, solve problems and consistently deliver high-quality products worldwide.

Get to know Quantum.

There’s not one specific thing that sets our company apart from other textile companies. It is the incredibly unique combination of all of all of our manufacturing capabilities, knowledge and team that provides us with the foundation to do what no one else can or will do. Take a quick look inside to see what makes us different.


Over 30 years ago, Quantum developed a synthetic elastomeric suspension system for the auto industry. Several years later, and in collaboration with Herman Miller designers & engineers, the Aeron® chair was introduced using this new innovative technology- completely disrupting the office seating industry. 20 years later, this chair remains an icon for performance and comfort.