Advanced Textile Solutions



We provide many industries with high quality, innovative solutions. And while you may not have heard of us, you have probably encountered a Quantum Innovation.

​Our products help keep roads safe, provide stability and efficiency to trucks, offer comfort during the work day, keep our mail moving and protect us from the elements at sporting and entertainment events. While our business continues to evolve, we will always hold true to our values and continue to manufacture 100 percent of our high quality products in the U.S.A.


Aeron Chair​

In collaboration with Herman Miller and their designers, Quantum engineered a woven suspension fabric, called Pellicle™, which was developed for the iconic Aeron Chair. This one chair revolutionized the office seating industry displacing the need for foam while offering extreme comfort and conformability.

Since the development of the Aeron chair, Quantum continues to weave highly proprietary fabrics for Herman Miller.

Suspension Solutions​

Quantum is the world’s leading manufacturer of elastomeric woven seating fabrics. Our proprietary 5280™ monofilament elastomeric yarn is what truly sets our fabrics apart, providing unparalleled comfort, conformability and durability. Combine our specialty weft yarns with our 5280™ warp yarns to create custom, high performance fabrics.

Uses: Individual & Mass Transportation, Public Seating, Marine, Lawn Mower & Bike Seating, Outdoor, Aircraft & Other Various Applications​

Non-Traditional Textiles​

In addition to our woven fabrics, we also manufacture a wide range of non-traditional textiles. Our business has been built by word of mouth with a reputation of solving and overcoming technical challenges that no one else wants or can do. We continue to strive to pursue undiscovered technologies and will do whatever it takes to support our customers’ success.

Other uses: Tubular Fabrics & Belting, B-Surface Woven Fabrics, Electrically Conductive Woven Fabrics

Specialty Performance Yarns​

The inner workings of Quantum starts with our yarn extrusion operations, where we have the flexibility to run a wide range of thermoplastics in both mono-filament and multi-filament yarns. Additionaly, we can extrude various cross-sections, custom solution dye colors as well as traditional and experimental additives. While we do consume many of the yarns we make internally, we do manufacture custom performance & specialty yarns for a wide range of customers.